Selection Criterias of a Good Piece Of Land For Your Swiftlet House !!!

This morning received an email requesting for some tips on the selecting criterias for lands suitable for birdhouse ranching.

As for the land characteristics, suitable for swiftlet ranching, please see these tips:

1) The land must be firmed and not those swampy type. A building of 3 stories is heavy. If they are soft like peat land the foundation might be an issue. U need to pile them to ensure that your birhouse remain standing.

2) Not far away from the main road. U needs to move your building materials to your building site. A proper road will be a great asset.

3) The surrounding, if U can, is closed to a kind of river or pond or water sources. If there are padi fields close by then that is superb. Also there are thick forests a distance after the padi fields. U needs to read my post at:…ding-behaviour to understand why.

4) Bigger land size will be benefit as you can have gaps between your building and neighbour to minimize disturbance dan complain from the neighbour and you can have a small pond surrounding the building to prevent most crawling pest entering the BH and create cooler air.

5) It will be wise not to build BH too close with school and religious places such as mosque or temple as the calling sound could disturb the pilgrims.

6) Not to be too close with factories that produces smoke or fumes example palm oil refineries or rice processing plant or a steel mill or road tarmac processing factory. The smoke are also said to cause some stress to these wild swiftlets.

6A) Not too close to airport. The noise from those jet engines are not very nice to their ears. Worse those gapping hole on the front of the engines might suck them in and you won’t want to be held responsible.

7) If it possible, the configuration of the land must allow the house to be built as such that the sun path will not be hitting on the larger side of the wall. The sun tend to heat the house a bit too much if it hit the larger surface area of the house.

8) Most important before U pay your deposit is to conduct a bird call test ( in Indonesian term: tes lokasi) and ensure that there are swiftlets in the area. If U intends to be an active breeder then it is okay.

9) U will still need to ensure that the local government has no objection in building the birdhouse in the area (or you may design the BH ‘look’ like normal house so it won’t attract many attention.

I hope the above will be good enough just for your kind reference.


About hdhew
I am a Computer Engineer graduated 2004 from an university in NSW Australia, a businessman and owner of few successful swiftlet farmer in Indonesia and have helped many others to successfully set up their swiftlet farm by providing free advice and supplying right tools and sounds in Indonesia and many others countries.

2 Responses to Selection Criterias of a Good Piece Of Land For Your Swiftlet House !!!

  1. ming says:

    how should i know or how should i make sure the birds react during the birdcall test is swiftlets which will produce edible nest but not thouse common grass nest?

    • hdhew says:

      it’s ez to differentiate between those birds. swiftlet with edible nest very seldom fly to close to the ground, with totally black feather, have shorter straight wings and they only flap the wing up and down, where the other have longer curvy wings, a bit of white feather on the chest, usually they like to fly close to the ground or even people and when flying they flaps the wings to the back (to the tail)

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