Should You Change Your External Sound?

Most new bh owner tend to misunderstood that the external sound they used have a kind of shelf life.

There is no time period  for the efectiveness of the external sound, once the birds got used to the sound they will remember the sound and so it you have found a good sound then it’s not recomended to change the sound or if you do, you might lose those young birds who might get confuse by the new calling sound.
Never trust advise from some consultant who asked you to keep changing the sound every few months, they tend to do it just for their own benefit.

Although the offer may seem interesting before you go ahead to buy it, try to imagine if you were that person selling those sound, if you have such a good sound that can draw thousand of birds in short time, will you be so generous to share it with other people?
How much do you think you can get when you sell a cd or a thousand cd? will it be comparable to the income you can get if you can harvest thousand of nest every season? (let’s assume if 100nest are 1kg = U$1500).

One more thing is, although you may found thousand of different type with different name of swiflet cd, its all actually contains the same sound. All they do are just cut and paste it to make the sound different a bit.

This birds are not that stupid, they actually don’t care with what sound you play. If you watch carefully you will see that swiflet will jump in to any whole that wide open and look secure to them even if you left you window open when the birds are flying around they may enter your house even though you don’t play any sound.

So think about it before you pick up your phone and call the consultant. It’s will be wiser to just go to your local bh supply shop and buy the things you need there and at the same time get a free advise from them rather than take the risk to lose your money for nothing by trusting those consultant.


About hdhew
I am a Computer Engineer graduated 2004 from an university in NSW Australia, a businessman and owner of few successful swiftlet farmer in Indonesia and have helped many others to successfully set up their swiftlet farm by providing free advice and supplying right tools and sounds in Indonesia and many others countries.

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