What Will Be My Minimum Requirements For A Good Sound System in a New BH !!!

(Note: The above picture was taken from my photo library and is not for your to use as reference)

One of the most important part of you BH will be those sound system. Without a proper and good quality sound system your BH will not give maximise return.

Just imagine having a sound set that delivers strange noises that will scares away those precious birds !!!

Beside delivering high quality sound your sound system must also be robust….Remember when you use them in your BH you are actually putting the system into its optimum usability. Yes you are putting the sound system to its optimum functionality.

Running for 24 hours is not the set operating criteria of any karaoke amplifiers. Trust me.

What about those piezo tweeters? Do you think that black colored product was designed to be running for 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, maybe 30 years lifespan of your BH????

No sir. They were actually designed to play a normal sound and the most 10 hours a day. Their life span may be the most 5 years or shorter.

So since you have been informed about the severity of the operation you need to at least now do some kind of investigation which product in the market that will be able to gives you the longest operational life to optimise your ringgit.

I have been asked by many what actually do you need for a reasonable sound system in a new BH.

My list, might not be the same with others, will be as follows:

1) Hexagonal Tweeter (if your bh far away from the others)

2) Sound Amplifiers 2 pieces (1 for morning 1 for night).

3) Tweeters (2″X5″) for internal sound 1 meter square each.

4) Tweeters (3″X7″) for external sound 2 pieces for each entrance.

5) 1 or 2 set of Bazzoka Tweeters for calling those birds in the distance.

6) Wires to connect all the tweeters 50 meters per roll – you will need to measure how many m u need.

7) Digital timer (SMART) with internal batteries 2 pieces.

8) Cooling Fan (to cool the amplifiers 1 piece)

9) External afternoon sounds 1 and 1 day sounds (Awan Hitam or Black Cloud is a must have @ U$35)

10) Internal sounds (BB mating and BB colony: 2 sounds) @ U$20

11) Lightning and surge arrestor extension cord 1 unit.

12) 1000watt UPS Unit or Battery Charger 1 piece (in case of power failure)

The above list should be confortable to transform your BH (6mx20m up to 2 floors) into a good BH with proper sound system.

Total cost will be about U$800 (roughly) depending on the brand,the spares units, the power rating, the type of sounds, warranty periods and etc.

The U$800 range will gives you the basic set of equipment and 1 to 3 years warranty for the sound player and tweeter. They are like a starter kit and good for a DIY type of works.

If you have more money to spare I recommed to go for the best. Go for the higher range. As long as the total cost does not exceed U$1500 you should be in the right direction.

Get your sound system supplier provide you the options and don’t tell him which range you wanted to procure.

Once you have the list of items (ask him to include the brand, model plus wattage) review them carefully and get their advise about setting up new bh (if you are zero knowledge) as most bh supplier also have their own bh.

Once you have the list amended to your preferred items than go ahead to purchase the items.

If you wanted to be very sure that no mistakes takes place plus the most suitable sound for your new bh and wanted to know how to get those items above than email me at hdswiftlet@yahoo.com.au or SMS +62 8194867197


About hdhew
I am a Computer Engineer graduated 2004 from an university in NSW Australia, a businessman and owner of few successful swiftlet farmer in Indonesia and have helped many others to successfully set up their swiftlet farm by providing free advice and supplying right tools and sounds in Indonesia and many others countries.

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