The Spiral Sound Platform Technique !!!

What do you think is wrong with a BH where those birds keep entering the opening, entrance hole,  but within a few seconds they rushed out?

One second they flew in and the next second they flew out.

Another interesting but similar was a BH owner who says: “Pak Hendy the number of birds that enter the entrance hole were so many but there were not a single bird shit spot on the floor.”

So what can be the possible reasons for such thing to happen?

I visited many of these types of BHs and my findings seem to zoom to the improper use of external sound tweeters.

Those birds that enters your BH were attracted to the sound you used to lure them from a far.It is not that they love your BH per say but they were attracted to enter the entrance hole just because you played an attractive external sound.

The moment they entered the entrance hole they will passed those tweeter’s base and will suddenly will lose the soothing sound that they came for.

What do you think those birds does when they loose the sound that they love to hear?

They will turn around and come out of the entrance hole.  This, I believed, is the real reason why they entered for one second and flew out within the next second.

So how can we solve this in and out problem?

Well you need to re look at those external sound tweeters arrangements to get those birds to continue they flying moves towards the far end of your BH.

You need to think of a way to install those external sound tweeters in a kind of stations and consistent in distances so that once the birds passed the first tweeter the next will take over the luring function.

If you can get this idea right I am sure those birds will enter and stay much longer then one second.

Last weekend I visited a sizable green BH having more or less the same problem.

The BH was well designed and located below the flying paths. On the roof top they have a massive water pond that were well kept and those birds loves to come for a dip and sip.

The entrance into the BH was facing the wrong direction and the path into the various floors was a big shaft, 25 feet by 25 feet, top to bottom.

Those birds entered the house, according to the owner, but they will fly out as fast as they entered.

I make a very careful observations and I found that there were no follow up external sound tweeters on the tunnel’s walls.

This could be the possible reason and I advise the owner to perhaps look into installing a spiral sound platforms that might help to pull those birds downwards.

The idea is to install the platforms as such that the tweeters on the platform will attract them to come lower and lower until the base of the tunnel.

This, hopefully, will help in luring the birds, at least into the tunnel.


About hdhew
I am a Computer Engineer graduated 2004 from an university in NSW Australia, a businessman and owner of few successful swiftlet farmer in Indonesia and have helped many others to successfully set up their swiftlet farm by providing free advice and supplying right tools and sounds in Indonesia and many others countries.

2 Responses to The Spiral Sound Platform Technique !!!

  1. Bunthoeun says:

    How do u do pal Henry.i have build bh in cambodia.i always read your blogs.that great. Now I want to get some information from you. 1-how many hours should I play the external n internal sound?

    2-should I use hormon to attract swiftlet? 3-can u show me the best sound? Thank you very much?

    • hdhew says:

      Dear Bunthoeun,
      1. You should only play the external sound exactly like human office hours which is depend on your country time zone.
      If it the same with malaysia then you can set it to turn on at 5.30 and turn off at 18.45 or when it started to get dark
      2. U don’t need to use anything to attract the swiftlet, all you need is only to make sure the nest internal temp does not higher than 30degree. It’ll better if you can have water on the rooftop – just be sure that your building foundation can support the extra weight.
      3. There is no ‘expert’ that can really sure which are the best sound, different country’s swiftlet may attracted to different sound. If you want to try the sound I used in my own BH, I can supply it to you at U$30 for the external sound and $20 for internal sound. It is advisable to have at least two different type of sound for each so that you can rotate the sound every 6 months.
      In the coming time I will set up a facebook store for that supply all necessary things needed for successful BH

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