Do the Location Test before Building New BH

So, after reading all information in this blog now U might feel you are ready and thinking of finding a good piece of land to build your first BH.

Well before U do that I would suggest U to do the bird call test or location test with the Tes Lokasi sound. This sound was invented by an Indonesian swiftlet farmer in Java and he is very kind to give away this great sound for free (For your information, this sound is known as Duress in Malaysia and from what I heard was sold by some people there for very high price!!

Please remember to use this sound wisely, as the name mention it’s only recommend for location test not for continue use in the BH.

Download Tes Lokasi Sound:

If you like to get more quality sounds for very affordable cost, feel free to contact me at: or SMS +62 8194867197.


About hdhew
I am a Computer Engineer graduated 2004 from an university in NSW Australia, a businessman and owner of few successful swiftlet farmer in Indonesia and have helped many others to successfully set up their swiftlet farm by providing free advice and supplying right tools and sounds in Indonesia and many others countries.

2 Responses to Do the Location Test before Building New BH

  1. brian says:

    Thank you for your informative guide on I have learnt a lot from this and my family has put our life savings to invest in our own little operation in vietnam. so far we have nearly completed constructing the structure for the bird nest and we are currently looking for swiftlet sounds. these are incredibly hard to find and i only found a few for free such as the one on your website and i am extremely grateful for that. can you please send me some more internal and external sounds. Please and thank you.

    • hdhew says:

      Hai Brian, it is not easy to find free good quality swiftlet sounds on the internet and apart from the free one that I put on my blog I do sell few good quality external and internal sound at affordable prices. For external sound range between U$35 to $50 and internal sound U$30. Thank you

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